The Grain

2014 B.F.A. Thesis Collection

Karesansui, also known as the Zen gardens, embody the essence of Zen Buddhism, and represent a visual aspect of Zen aesthetic. Coming from a culture with Buddhist influence, I am passionate about this philosophy, and strive to introduce a personal perception on Zen through this body of work. Making this collection is a process of searching, observing, and composing. I seek wood pieces that possess characteristics of vitality. Imperfections like cracks and knots are evidences of life that were once present in trees. Through grain and texture, I try to preserve the vividness of the material. Wood pieces are extracted from their organic forms and reshaped into rectangular slices, directing the attention to the fragments containing their essence. “The Grain” is an exploration of finding the spirit of a material, and an attempt to frame peacefulness through simplicity. But more importantly, it is a journey of self-reflection and a moment of tranquility.